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I am a brain cancer survivor. I use movement, such as the Badousa Brain Bike Bonanza, as a component of thriving through cancer. I also practice peer-to-peer connection to aid survivorship. I have never traveled alone, aided primarily by my wife. Follow me on Twitter @BadousaBrain. DonateNow

Family Sousa

"Brain cancer has visited me but does not control me. It has enough space and gravity to be taken seriously and met with the required fight, but it is given no more respect than that. With family and friends I continue to harvest from this life.” Greg

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Donate to Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us is the annual fundraiser to support Duke’s Tisch Brain Tumor Center, where Greg is a patient. Greg’s family and friends formed Badousa Brain for the April 2013 Angels Among Us event. This will be the team name going forward. Money raised by Angels Among Us helps develop treatments that benefit Greg and other brain tumor patients. Help him give back by donating.

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Athletic Achievements

"Look closer and closer, and look further and further, and listen harder and harder to the noise of the earth and the silence of the stars and what you will hear is a small voice that whispers . . . Don't try to get, try to give." Rob Ryan

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